“Movement” concept

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Many kinds of clinical trial have been reported in the field of body movement or motor action useful for physical and mental health. Some of them mainly aim to ask client to perform a Dohsa as an imposed task, and some do not include this performance. The former is named as one of Dohsa- hou, while the latter one is not. For instance, some emphasis to ask the client to strive to relax his/her muscle or body, and other expects to be brought a state of body relaxation as a secondary effect of some other motor behavior such as dancing, running and so on. The latter case is not counted as Dohsa-hou because it aims at body relaxation as a physiological phenomenon. On the contrary, Dohsa-hou treats client’s striving to relax his own body by himself as psychological phenomenon through body work.

When we intend to move some parts of our body, we strive to carry out an intended movement. If the striving is appropriate to the movement, the intended movement can be carried out.